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Boost your immunity and give your body the natural "fuel" it needs to repair itself naturally with the strongest natural immune enhancer known to man(Mumijo/Shilajit).

The King of Herbs Mumijo Ultimate Super Extract is the purest and the highest quality available on Earth - 100% mined by hand under the highest efforts in regions above 2,500 m / 8.000 ft in the Altai mountain region.

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Mumijo/Shilajit - also called "The Gift of the Gods" in the folk-medicine - has been scientifically proven to be the strongest natural immune enhancer known to man. It's been administered as a super-booster for the immune system for thousands of years.

Mumijo is a dark brown hard tar converged from honey and honey combs of wild living ancient bee populations, in a fossilization process of millions of years. It is extremely rare and only found in caves of very high mountain regions of central Asia.

Bearmedicine‘s Mumjio is mined by hand under the highest efforts in regions above 2,500 m / 8.000 ft in the Altai mountain region.

But due to our unique freeze-dry multi extraction method, the health-supportive biological compounds become bioavailable or the human body.

In this way you access 100% of the available therapeutically relevant components of Mumijo that gives the immune system a natural boost.

Servings: Jar contains 90 servings for 45 days (1 serving = 1 heaped TKOH-spoon. (300mg))

Ingredients: 100% pure Altai mountain Triple-Gold-Quality raisin, encoded and energised with breakthrough Quantum Technology energies. Jar contains 1 programmed Rock or Amethyst Crystal.

Intake**: 1 serving 2 x p. day sublingually or mix in water, smoothies or shakes

Disclaimer:  The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.
Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet.
Keep out of reach of small children.

Net. wt: 1 x 27 g
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