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Dr. Isabel Sharkar & Greg Kheel
Medical Doctor
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Washington DC/US & Portugal
Julie Upton
Certified Yoga Teacher & Health Coach
Brigitte Feaster
Certified nurse APRN & Energetic healer
Seattle/US & Tulum/Mexico
Van Couverden
Founder Mahara Urban Sanctuary
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Malin Manz
Studentin, Schamanische Praxis & Gesundheitsberaterin
Nikki Vascimi
Founder & Co-Owner
Raw Love Vegan Cafè & Restaurant
Linda & Alex Huber
Zertifizierte Fitness & Gesundheitscoaches
Alex Lowery
Fitness, Health & Yoga Trainer
Lisa Thoresen
Certified Energetic healer & Int. Model
IT-Specialist & Healthy Lifestyle
Jeroen v. Creuten
Health Practitioner
Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Ana Goncalves
Business Mentor & Spiritual Councellor
London/UK & Portugal
Radu Gavenea
IT-Specialist & Healthy Lifestyle

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For weeks I have suffered from fatigue and powerlessness. Already after the first intake I felt a strong energy and strength increase. I use the Chaga with Mumijo and feel like everything is sorting out inside and clarity and energy come back. The intake is super easy, just dissolve in the water and drink. Thumbs doubles plus high ???????? Thank you Bear for your vision and the love you can add to every single glass.

Christiane B. / Regensburg-Germany



I’ve had a very special experience after the first time trying Chaga. I often felt separation from people around me, and I felt a lot of fears and insecurity in making social contact. I drank the BEARMEDICINE right before sleeping and the first thing I noticed was that there was a deep healing wave of energy flowing through me. I could breathe easier, and I felt healthier. I was with a friend of mine and I felt more comfortable with him. As if the things that gave me the feeling of dissociation all disappeared. We feel totally equal to each other, as my brother, and my head became empty of negative thoughts.

Once on bed I began to hear the voice of the Spirit of the Chaga (I have this experience because of my sensitivity, chaga is not a hallucinogen). He sounded very friendly, and he felt like a good friend right away. Suddenly I became very aware of all the plants, trees and earth in my surroundings.

When I focussed on different organisms, I easily got clear messages. I could always feel organisms, but I never managed to get a clear message. This experience was beautiful! My soul and body were activated and I felt coming home into myself. I felt totally at comfortable and safe (what I normally don’t feel when I'm around other people).

Also, I was always tired. I soon noticed that I got more energy after taking the Chaga + Mumijo in the morning. I’d like to write my own music, but always had trouble finding words and getting into a creative flow. After I drank the Chaga in the first morning, I felt so happy and connected with my soul, that I spontaneously started dancing and singing. My dance was very powerful and there came a beautiful powerful improvised song out of me.

Despite the fact that Chaga is not a hallucinogenic mushroom, this miracle-mushroom helps me enormously with my spiritual growth and physical health!

I am very grateful for Bear and his Medicine for bringing this easily-absorbable form of Chaga to humanity. By reading his website, I understand why this Chaga feels so special and more powerful than the Chaga I’ve encountered before. So much clear information can be found, and I also believe that this is the best Chaga available! I keep on feeling healthier, and I feel that the frequencies of Divine-Tools that are encoded in the Chaga add something extremely special. My body is getting more activated every day and I’m getting more and more in touch with my higher self.

Thank you Bear , so grateful for your medicine!

Warm Regards,

Joyce d.W. / Breda-The Netherlands



… from a stressed dog and continuous barking to relax and not barked for 3 hours, thanks to the white pomander of aura Soma! Thanks Sofie!! And Thanks to Chaga BEARMEDICINE / Bear all skin ailments and a ball right at the back, disappeared completely after 6 weeks.

So happy for Sparko!

Griet G. / Belgium

Dog Owner


My first experiences with Chaga Mushroom / Mumijo

For 30 years I have practiced as a naturopath and psychotherapist in private practice. I was alerted to the Chaga + Mumijo Extract by BEARMEDICINE a few weeks ago by a friendly therapist. For several years, I had an autoimmune disease that was symptom-free for a long time and broke out in January this year. In addition to severe bronchitis with severe sputum and shortness of breath, granulomas were again formed in various parts of the body and the lungs. I quickly realised that my previous help would no longer be enough. Obviously, important topics in my and my family’s history should be looked at more closely and deeply. So I had to go other, new ways.

At this stage I got the Chaga extract from my girlfriend. I drank my first glass in her kitchen and immediately felt the effect! A significant change took place both on the physical as well as on the mental level in me. During the coming days both the chron. cough as well as shortness of breath. The purulent expectoration was significantly reduced and I felt surprisingly fast well and stronger. The lymph granulomas also went back and are now completely gone. But it was not alone!
In addition to the improvement of the symptoms, there were also intense spiritual processes that enabled me to look at my soul themes from another level, or to feel them. Old pain, old injuries and also old mourning broke (a first aggravation same) train, in order to finally be able to go. In everything I never felt alone, but always deeply connected with the spiritual world.

Now I am very well. I have regained access to my power and feel in harmony with the spiritual world and especially with my helper beings. Meanwhile, I could already recommend the Chaga + Mumijo and have received similar positive feedback.
Many thanks for the spirits who have contacted me through the invisible threads of the Chaga mushroom and the human helpers who have helped me to the Chaga Mumijo. I continue to drink the Chaga + Mumijo powder from BEARMEDICINE and gladly recommend it to others, because it is more healing power in it, than “only” the sum of the considerable amount of medicinal substances.

With kind regards

Maike H. / Bremen-Germany



My personal experience with the mushroom is that I always feel where it is working, because sometimes it hurts, but in a few days it will pass. Be lightly drowsy after the first day, more clarity and more energy develops and I have more power available. What I find particularly impressive is what happens outside:
New networks*) with people for good connections that serve each other. Stressful connections dissolve and within the family there were clarifications. My spiritual work is even easier.

As a Naturopath I recommend the Super-Extract, of course, my patients; I get many positive results in my therapies and receive very good feedback.

*) Note from Bear: It is well known that the mushroom kingdom has the largest global energy network on this planet; When people open up to this, they have the opportunity to join this network.

Ilona A. / Frankfurt-Germany



Personally I LOVE it. I have not had Chaga that comes close to the energy nor the appearance. The Mumijo sparkles and provides much energy and clarity. I am a healthy person in general and have other activations going on within after our amazing trip to the Middle East. Yet feel the BEARMEDICINE is working synergistically within and without.

After being in your presence and knowing your POWER and COMMITMENT to being a true HEALER who only strives to be in service for ALL and is not after $$ and is very conscious of sustainability with our Beloved Mother Earth, I feel this is truly a gift of the Gods. It being wild-sourced from Siberia where it is extremely cold & your freeze dry extract process to maintain the chromogenic properties fully, is amazing & quite an accomplishment. As well as sourcing the Mumijo from the ceilings of caves 2-3000m in Siberia is amazing…confirming it is honey mumijo. I applaud you and your team who help in sourcing this beautiful product! I gave a bag of the Chaga + Mumijo to my daughter and she noticed it’s effect immediately…she called it a natural high.

Beth D.S. / MA - USA



The multi-extract of Chaga and Mumijo of BEARMEDICINE caused immediate well-being on a physical and mental level. It supports my immune system, helps to detoxify and because of the enormously high antioxidants, it is something like a guardian angel for my cells. So it also works in the mental area.
I have become more resistant at all levels and I do not want to miss it, as I feel every day how well I am doing.
Thank you BEARMEDICINE for the wonderful gift.
What I would like to note is the consistently high quality. I really appreciate it !! <3 Using the extract saves me hour of cooking the tea, let alone the mush higher and stable quality. 

Liara A. B. / Bremen-Germany



Dear Team of Bearmedicine, Thanks to a Belgian dealer, I was able to witness the great effects of your product: 'Chaga + Mumijo Multi-Super-Extract' in 2019. This great product has addressed all of my personal issues and has been very appealing to my family. Unfortunately it was "only" a small glass which, thanks to numerous ingestions, was used up very quickly. Would it be possible to purchase this product privately (if necessary also through a trade)? Since there is great demand right now, I would be very grateful to be able to call a few of these glasses my own in the near future. Kind regards 

Rico. R. / Germany



Since I've been taking your Chaga+Mumijo, I've no longer had a coating on my tongue, and my chronic indigestion have also completely disappeared the first time in a decade.

Georg M. / Nuremberg-Germany



*) These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, EU authorities or others.

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